Ecommerce Websites

trade4Trading online has witnessed amazing growth over the last few years. And the technology that drives eCommerce sites is now available to anyone that wants to sell online. I can build sites ranging from pages with PayPal ‘Buy Now’ buttons where there is only a few products for sale to full shopping basket sites with many thousands of different products and numerous product categories.

  • To view a live site that uses single PayPal buttons, click here.
  • To view a live site that employs a full shopping cart solution, please click here.

If you are not a fan of PayPal or you prefer to offer an alternative payment system, I highly recommend Nochex as a payment processing solution as it provides a flexible way to take card payments without being locked into monthly fees.

If you are thinking about a new ecommerce site, or maybe rebuilding an existing site, please take a moment to read the Considerations checklist on the right as it contains some handy pointers.


Before launching an ecommerce site, take a moment to read through my essential check list of considerations.

Domain Name

Registering a domain name is the starting point for every new website. If you don’t have a domain yet, I can recommend 123Reg. Aim for a name that is memorable and, if possible, doesn’t contain hyphens

Product Categories

Make a list of how many different product categories you will need. If necessary, create sub-categories to further categorise your product range. Categories and sub-categories will define the main navigation within the site so some spending time on this in advance of the site going live is time well spent.


Will you charge for delivery or will you offer free delivery? Some clients build in the cost of delivery into the price thereby enabling them to offer ‘free delivery’ as a benefit.

Product Images

If you are selling physical products, do you have access to good product images? Great product shots can make a difference to an ecommerce site as potential customers tend to view and click on images first and read product descriptions second.